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It’s Spring and the scooter thieves return

The recent warm weather has brought the return of scooters to the streets.  Scooter thieves have noticed too.   They are already plying their trade and making many scooter owners with a gut-kicked feeling.

If you are out riding your scooter and park it – lock it up every time.  Even for 5 minutes.  It only takes 30 seconds for two guys to pick it up and throw it into the bed of a pickup truck.  Lock it up to something solid with an armored cable.

There are many options available when purchasing scooter theft prevention devices.  Do your research and find an option that works for your situation.  Many anti-theft items can be purchased at local scooter shops, motorcycle shops, or online scooter stores.

If you need some ideas on scooter theft protection, the below article gives a few ideas.

The Best Scooter Anti-theft Security Devices

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